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Let’s talk about Retinol baby, let’s talk about you and me!

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Retinol is under the umbrella of retinoids (Vitamin A derivative) and has been a famous topic in the beauty and wellness space for some time. So let’s set it straight...there is nothing to be afraid of!! I recommend it to all of my clients, at any stage of their skin journey because everyone can benefit from this powerful treatment as Retinol contains a myriad of helpful and healing properties to the skin, including smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, boosts collagen, brightens fullness and fades dark spots.

Fact: As we age, our cell turnover decreases slowly, making it harder for our skin to cycle out old cells and reveal the new underneath. This is why our skin can be left looking dull. Now when we introduce Retinol into our regime, it helps reverse these effects and essentially tricks the skin into thinking it is younger and demands it create new cells. Out with the old, in with the new.

So.. where to start? You know your skin better than anyone else and how it reacts to new products. If you are sensitive or unsure of how to introduce retinol into your routine, don’t reach for the prescription retinoid because not all retinols are the same and you won’t end up using it as it will only damage and irritate the skin you are trying to take care of. My advice to begin your retinol journey is to stick with lotions, creams, serums or gels that contain a low level Vitamin A or retinyl palmitate to see how your skin takes to the ingredients. As you begin to see results and feel more comfortable, you can ease into a stronger option with a higher percentage of retinol. I love Environ’s retinol step up system because it makes it so easy for someone to start using and as the name suggests, step up and graduate to something stronger every 3 months. 


As your skin adjusts to your chosen retinol/retinoid product, you may experience some redness, dryness or flaking. That’s normal! Just make sure you hydrate from within m, continue to moisturize morning and night, and if you are a  “roller” give your skin a break from microneedling during this transitional period. I promise the results are worth it! 

Positive side affects: you will appear glowy, dewy and smooth once your skin has taken to this special ingredient. 

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