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LED Light Love!

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Have you heard? LED light is crucial to achieving all of your skin goals! Everyone knows I love a good gadget, but this is a ride or die device that can be used in the treatment room and at home.

When you come in for a facial, the LED light treatment is deep, penetrating, and effective, but without being invasive. There are different colored lights that target various skin concerns: red light activates collagen production to reduce signs of aging and restore glow. Red light can also be used to reduce sun damage, pigmentation and inflammation, with its healing properties. The blue light is beneficial to those with acne prone skin. Blue light has the ability to remove the bacteria which causes further breakouts. The yellow light reduces redness, raises hydration level, and helps with the overall health of the skin. If you want to attain glowing skin, utilizing LED at least once a month during a treatment is essential, and the upside is there is no down time!


Of course, you will want to continue gaining the benefits of this amazing treatment at home. This is why I have created my GLOlite LED mask. With this mask you are able to take a little bit of the treatment home with you. My mask has 7 colorways to target each individual’s skin goals. The combination of Micro-current and LED creates the ultimate luxury experience to improve wrinkles and aging whilst also treating redness, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, sun damage, scarring to name a few. The mask has several levels of intensity that can be adjusted to your liking and your needs. I recommend using the device every other day for 10-20 minutes in order to see the best results! After a six-week period of use, you can begin to use your mask daily for maximum healing and rejuvenation results!

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