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Georgia Louise


At Georgia Louise we are pioneers in transforming skin offering Esthetic and scientific skincare, devices and tools for those who want beautiful forever glowing skin without invasive procedures. We strive to reverse aging + revealing naturally confident looking skin.

To make superior skincare products and introduce the latest product innovations and treatments to achieve the Georgia Louise GLo.

Results driven, feel good and clean beauty choices to reveal long lasting results, anywhere anyplace and anytime.

The Butterfly

The butterfly symbol has been with Georgia Louise since the beginning, not only is it the shape of her Cult massage stone, the lift and scuplt, but also a symbol that reflects her inner reflection of skin care and the meaning of Beauty.

ENDURANCE Stronger, healthier, resilient skin

CHANGE Active products & treatments protocols create a visible difference

HOPE A true Glo that comes from inner positivity

LIFE A transformation of skin care you can trust at every age.

Georgia Louise Butterfy is now the symbolic seal of approval. When you see a butterfly on a box, have comfort in knowing her wings have landed on a product, tool, or treatment that has personally been approved by Georgia Louise.