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Anne Hathaway's Baby GLO

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My stunning client, Anne Hathaway cam into the Atelier her pre-premiere facial before opening night of her new Broadway show “Sea Wall/A Life” .

Not only was this a special treatment for premiere prep, it was also pre-baby prep!

My Elite Esthetician Autumn Henry treated Anne to a 90 minute Bespoke facial, using 100% pregnancy safe products and tools to nourish and care for your Mommy-to-be skin! The facial itself looks a little different for those who are pregnant as the ingredients must be clean and only gentle tools like my Butterfly Stone and Freeze Tools.

Here’s how Autumn pampered Anne:


  1. Each of our facials are known for starting with an incredibly relaxing, detox cleansing massage. Expecting mothers benefit all the more from this technique as it reduces water retention that can create puffiness in the face. With hormones constantly changing during pregnancy, our skin has to adjust and lymphatic drainage can help prevent associated breakouts and irritations.  

  2. Anne chose a 90 minute facial, so Autumn was truly able to deliver a stimulating sculpting massage to bring out her naturally gorgeous cheekbones and elegant jawline. 

  3. After toning her skin with pregnancy safe Georgia Louise pH perfecting tonic, Autumn then used a gentle yet effective lactic acid peel to digest pore congestion while creating a hydrating red carpet glow. 

  4. Her skin was then ready to infuse with a nutrient rich custom blended serum layered with an oxygenating mask.

  5. The finishing touch to the treatment was a final lymphatic drainage massage using the Cryo Freeze tools.

  6.  When the the mask was removed her face was fresh, contoured and glowing. 

  7. Her skin was given the final layer of bespoke finishing serum and SPF (of course). 

  8. Despite not being able to use any advanced modalities (typical to our usual Bespoke Royale) Autumn pulled out all the stops to give this expecting mama and broadway star the red carpet radiance to match her natural pregnancy glow. 


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