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Zit Zapper: High Frequency

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No matter how well we care for our skin, it always seems to happen the day of an important event...I’m talking about a huge, underground, painful pimple! It can really hinder our confidence and completely take away from a special day. But not to worry! There are a few ways we can remedy a pesky blemish, one of them being High Frequency. If you aren’t yet familiar with this handy little at home device, keep reading!


High Frequency can truly be a life savior. My Esthetician’s have clients pop into the atelier to quickly zap away a painful pimple to help reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. I asked my Elite Esthetician Autumn her thoughts on HF..

“ Whenever a client comes in and is struggling with breakouts, I will always recommend we utilize High Frequency within treatment. High Frequency oxygenates the surface of the skin, kills P. acne bacteria, stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels minimizing red inflamed skin. It is a classic esthetic modality utilizing high frequency current or tesla current.”

When the glass electrode at the base of the device is directly applied to the skin, it immediately releases argon gas while also producing a small electric current, which kills surface bacteria and calms inflammation and redness. This kind of treatment also can aid in shrinking pores, reducing signs of aging and stopping persistent acne in its tracks.


*Warning: use with caution as this device is powerful and not meant to be left on one spot for too long, and do not exceed 5 minutes on the entire face.

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