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Keep your Summer Pulse+GLO

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Summertime means beach, barbecues, weddings, and lots of time spent outside. After a long day in the sun, your face could use a little pick-me-up before going out.

One of my best selling devices that truly gives you the results of a facial at home is the Pulse+GLO paired with my special ionized sheet masks.


You can sheet mask at home all you want, but until you try the Pulse+GLO device, you wont realize what you’ve been missing! One of my favorite technologies I use during a facial is galvanic current; which penetrates ingredients from your sheet mask deep into the dermis meaning it super charges your sheet mask to work that much better. The best part about the Pulse+GLO is that it is portable, hands-free, and pain free so you can bring it wherever you go. Just pop it on for 20 minutes and glo away!

The Pulse+GLO is such a unique product, there is nothing else like it! After just 20 minutes, the galvanic currents pushes the active ingredients into the skin and leaves your skin nourished, smooth and bright!

You may be wondering, what is galvanic current? I like to think of it like an IV drip for the face. Galvanic uses positive and negative ions to push ingredients from the cotton sheet mask deep into the skin. Instead of nourishing the top layer of skin, galvanic really seals the deal deep down.

The Pulse+GLO has three different settings as we all have different skin.

Blue- Normal and sensitive skin

Purple- Combination skin

Red- Mature skin

Pair with the Green for irritated or acne skin, Aqua for a quick hydration boost or Honey for soothing and plumping. Pulse+GLO to get ready for your next event.

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