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A letter from the Founder

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Lets end racial injustice together

When I sat down to write this week’s newsletter, writing about my usual subject of how to keep your skin looking and feeling its best (as much as I love it) simply wouldn’t come to me. In fact, I’ve found myself completely consumed with only one thing – the horrifying fact that racism and injustice is still flourishing in our world two decades into the 21st century.

Reevaluate, Reprioritize, and Be a Part of Change

Like many, I have been pushed to reprioritize and reevaluate over the past few days.

And like many we have now been in lockdown for over 70 days. Since March 20th, the coronavirus pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on all our lives. Yet now we MUST cry out for urgent change for racial justice.

Living in NYC has been both upsetting and challenging during these times, as we watch the impact of the coronavirus and the recent unrest on the city.  Yet, we must continue to wear masks and remain six feet apart from our neighbors and friends, who need us now more than ever.

Each day as I walk in the park, I see masked faces and eyes full of sadness.  I am struggling with how to explain this to my boys. They have been through so much change already with the loss of attending school and spending time with friends and family. While they often seem unbreakable, I worry and know that they truly aren’t.

Still, I’m preparing to sit down with them to explain and teach them about inequality, remind them about empathy, diversity, justice and freedom – and that those ideals should be for all, not just based on your skin.  My boys don’t see color. They see only love and kindness and I wish more people could see through their eyes. I simply hope that I am strong enough and well-versed enough to have this conversation with them in a way that makes a lasting impact on how they treat and care for those around them and their ability to stand up for what’s right.

These conversations are not easy yet for the world to change, we have to talk and keep talking. We have to be a part of the change.  That’s why although I know that I can never understand the feeling that the racism and injustice in this country has brought to the Black community, I had to speak out in support.

Immediate Action Items This Week

As a small business owner, my voice and platform are the best way in which I can help bring these issues to light and I will use them to stand in solidarity with and support the Black community.  With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my action items for the week. While it’s just the beginning, it’s a start that I feel must be made because Black Lives Matter!

1.     Buy, support, follow black beauty brands – It is vital that we support brands and entrepreneurs in the black community to overcome the racism and inequality in our own industry. Here are the black beauty brands I’m buying from right now: Allure , Glamour,

2.     Talk to my friends and my community about racial justice – Having the difficult conversations is the only way to reach true understanding.

3.     Educate myself and read up on resources – I have set a goal of following the organizations who are strengthening the Black community, including @blklivesmatter @naacp @showinggupforracialjustice @civilrightsorg.

4.     Silent and muted on social media – I’m using this time to reflect, learn and absorb where we are right now as a nation and where we need to go.

5.     Donate – I have decided to donate to the GoFundMe Campaign for George Floyd.  The Georgia Louise brand is also donating 20% of Georgia Louise’s June profits to the NAACP

6.     Support and Amplify - I vow to be present to support and amplify the push for racial equality, and to show mindfulness and strength in unity.

I will not be neutral. I stand with you.


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