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Skin Magic

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Skin Magic

Charlotte Tilbury + Georgia Louise


I am so excited to announce that I have been working with my good friend Charlotte Tilbury on the launch of her new baby the magic serum. As her trusted panelist and skincare expert, I helped her with the application and treatment protocol soon to be launching.

A sneak peek into this new magic serum and watch us LIVE on YouTube together with: Charlotte Tilbury, her formulator Johnathon Reynolds and dermatologist, Dr. Anjali Mahto.

See it live Tuesday 21st 7:30pm GMT Charlotte Tilbury's channel

Here’s what you need to know.

My beautiful friend, Charlotte Tilbury, has one of the fastest growing skincare lines in the U.K., and for good reason. The eponymous brand, including her mega Magic Cream moisturizer, truly is magic when it comes to delivering transformative results.

Now, she has taken that magic to the next level with the sister to that cream, her new Magic Serum Crystal Elixir. As you know, I firmly believe in the power of crystals and have always used them in my luxury treatments and the new serum’s “crystal complex”, including moonstone, ruby, rose quartz, crystal quartz and amethyst, certainly adds to the magic.


As Charlotte points out, “…crystals are like natural beauty filters – they are proven to help balance skin."

And, I believe without a doubt that the crystal complex creates a beautiful, crystalline barrier around the skin to deliver holistic aura defense which boosts skin’s radiance to leave it vibrant, luminous, and simply perfected.

If the crystals themselves weren’t enough to have you searching how to get your hands on the luxurious serum, its matrix of other incredible beauty amplifying ingredients surely would. In addition to its crystal complex, Magic Serum is infused with:

·       Polyglutamic acid – Four times  more hydrating than hyaluronic acid, dehydration lines are plumped and filled

·        Replexium – A patented blend of peptides that lifts and firms by taking your collagen production to the next level

·       Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant to brighten your complexion and reveal a youthful glow

·        Niacinamide - Also known as vitamin B3 to enhance your skin's natural barrier function, smooth fine lines, wrinkles, refine pores and even tone.

Yet, there’s even more magic in store for your skin when you an application technique and protocol I developed. It is a must-use with this incredibly effective elixir.

First, you should always warm your Magic Serum in your fingertips. This allows it to slip more easily into your pores to go to work deep in your skin cells where you need it most.

Next, massage the Magic Serum into your skin using my rose quartz crystal, the Georgia Louise Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone. This stone was inspired by my signature massage technique in order to fit perfectly into the facial contours


It not only creates a deeply relaxing facial massage, it also works instantly to help lift the skin and muscle, and drain away toxins for a more contoured, sculpted  look. The stone helps the product to deeply penetrate and creates a holistic aura.

Since the serum is formulated with a healing crystal elixir, when you massage with the stone, it warms up and activates these crystals as well as relaxes your facial muscles and provides an amazing lymphatic massage.

Combined with the serum its anti-aging at its most magical.

For facial massage perfection using my Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone, I’ve created a video tutorial with an easy step-by-step.

I think applying Charlotte’s new serum with this technique will have you believing in magic. After all, the results speak for themselves, reducing the appearance of wrinkles by 34 percent and visibly firming the skin by 49 per cent in just eight weeks.

That’s skincare magic I would like to see more of!



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