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This is how we roll!

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Microneedling or Dermarolling has become so popular in the world of skincare. However, if you have not yet done either, you may be uncertain of what the benefits of this treatment are as well as how to get started. Microneedling has been on the rise because its ability to open skin’s epidermis, allowing more product to steep into the skin easily while boosting the collagen and elastin.

There are a few tips and tricks that will make you a confident roller!


First up is choosing your roller. At Georgia Louise, we carry a stamp, plastic roller, gold roller or body roller. Each are a bit unique, but serve similar purposes. The stamp is for more focused areas and best for those just starting with microneedling. The plastic roller and gold roller will cover a larger surface. I like to compare the plastic roller to a Honda and the gold as a Lexus, they serve the same purpose it is just a matter of quality! Finally the body roller will cover the largest surface with a bit larger needle to penetrate tougher skin. It is so important to invest in a high quality roller product for your safety and effectiveness.

Now, sanitize the area and your device with a the accompanying cleaning solution or an alcohol based cleaning product. Prep the skin with your cleanser of choice and leave fresh. You may also want to exfoliate and use a peel beforehand for maximum benefit and absorption.


Before you start your rolling, get comfortable and relax! Watch TV or answer some e-mails and settle in. Layer two applications of your favorite serums on, my favorites are my Vitamin A complex for brightening, concentrated exfoliation, releasing expression lines(for more advanced users) and for those who need a bit more skin tightening, Biologique Recherche Elastin Pure and Collagene Natif cocktailed for that tightening and plumping effect. This will create a more luxurious experience as well as assisting the already powerful serums to deeply penetrate skin.

The most important part of all; your rolling technique. Gently roll over the skin with your derma roller in a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction three to four times per area. If you are using it on your face, roll it twice on your forehead, cheeks, lips, chin and neck. No need for you to press it too hard as you may induce pain. Apply just enough pressure as you can comfortably tolerate. Take extra care when rolling underneath your eyes and lip area because these areas are too sensitive. Do not apply any serum on the eyelids.

After rolling, apply another thin layer to seal the skin and wrap up your treatment. Once you have finished, clean your roller once again with your Environ cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol. This is so key, if you forget it could breed bacteria and create breakouts.

And at last, you are finished! As a beginner you should start off just rolling one to two times a week and gradually work your way up to four-five times, I recommend only at night so any redness you have will calm by morning. This will stimulate the regrowth and repair process of the skin.

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