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What is Glycation (AGE's) and 5 Tips to Fight It!

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Glycation is excellerating the again process, and when we consume too many sugary or high-glycemic foods—these sugars react with proteins and fats in an abnormal way, producing harmful molecules called “advanced glycation end products (conveniently acronymned: AGEs).” This process is called “glycation.”  And therefore, our collagen and elastin become discolored, weak, and less supple; this shows up on the skin's surface as wrinkles, sagginess, and a loss of radiance. 


Here are 5 ways to fight AGE's:

1. First and foremost, cut back on sugary foods and drinks.   Some of us have a very large sweet tooth so take baby steps like putting less sugar in your coffee or tea, switching to dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate and ask yourself if the wrinkles will be worth it.

2. Take a vitamin B supplement.  Studies have found that vitamins B1 and B6 help inhibit the formation of AGEs. 

3. Boost your antioxidant intake. All fruits and veggies, as well as things like dark chocolate and tea, have powerful antioxidants that help protect cells from glycation.  Specifically, blueberries, pomegranate and white tea are super antioxidants. Getting a regular supply of these in your diet helps to save your skin from the effects of AGEs.

4. Watch the barbecue. Barbecuing, searing, and broiling food can actually create AGEs in the food. Whenever you see that blackened meat look, you’re looking at AGEs. Consider enjoying food not so well done, and cook meats low and slow.

5. And of course, always protect your skin. UV exposure increases the formation of AGEs. Always use sun protection on your skin. Remember that glycation affects all of your skin, not just your face, so protect hands, neck, arms, and legs, too.

Suggested Product:



Due to its formula rich in anti-glycation active ingredients (mimosa and carcinine), this quintessential serum:

  • Acts against the phenomenon of glycation
  • Protects proteins within the skin's structure
  • Reduces deep lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces signs of fatigue
  • Enhances skin's firmness
  • Brings radiance to the complexion

Easy to use:  Just place a few drops of the water based serum onto palms and pat onto freshly cleansed face.  Follow with oil based finishing serum/moisturizer and sunscreen. 




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