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Licorice Root to the Rescue

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This little root packs a punch in helping to lighten dark spots and tame sensitive skin. The combination of brightening and soothing makes it ideal for using around the eyes. Think eye makeup remover, eye serums, gels and moisturizers.   In combination with Vit. C, licorice root will really help aid in lightening sun spots and dark circles.  If you do have sensitive skin, licorice is there for you to soothe, calm and bring down inflammation. Which makes this a safe ingredient for all skin types. 

Licorice is a wonder drug. Not only is licorice good for the skin, it has many benefits when taken internally. Used in many traditional herbal medicines, supplements and Chinese herbal medicine.  This root is anti-inflammatory, will detoxify the body and help support the immune system.

Did you know April 12th is National Licorice Day?  Let's celebrate this mighty root!  

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