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10 Best Face Massagers that Sculpt, Cool, and Smooth Your Skin

Fun fact: Even though my skin is way too sensitive for facials (aggro extractions and peels = not my thing), I'm always down for a face massage. There's just something so relaxing about gently massaging the tension out of your face—whether you're using a jade rollergua sha, or some fancy-ass tool—and it's super easy to fit into your routine without disrupting your skin. Like, fine, face massagers can't give you Zendaya's cheekbones overnight but they can temporarily reduce swelling, soothe puffiness, and enhance your natural glow—and who TF doesn't want that?

That's why I did you a solid by finding the best at-home face massagers on the market right now, including tools that sculpt, cool, and smooth your skin on contact. So wash your face, grab your favorite oil or moisturizer, and whip out one of these 10 best face massagers below. And, hey, even if you don't see visible results, it'll at least be a super relaxing experience.


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