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You Can Officially Get Facials in NYC Again — Here’s What to Expect

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early March, in-person beauty treatments were put on pause. While states like Georgia gave spas and salons the green light to open in April, New York has approached reopening at a slower pace. In recent weeks, New Yorkers could begin to visit their favorite nail and hair salons again. But, facials remained off the table. Now, after nearly six months of closures, estheticians in New York can finally resume business.

On September 3, the New York State Department of Health issued new guidelines regarding “Under The Mask” treatments. The new regulations stated that services including face massage, facials, face waxing around lip or nose areas, face tattoos, facial makeup, cosmetic lip tattooing, lip or nose piercings, beard trimming or shaves cannot be performed “unless the employee is wearing a face shield or similar barrier in addition to their face covering.” Additionally, the employee must test negative for COVID-19 prior to performing any service. 


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