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How Molly Sims Sleeps At Night

Molly Sims
 is not the first celebrity to launch a podcast, but she just might be the most open about what she shares, especially when it comes to our collective fascination with beauty. “Women need to be honest,” she says, “because when you have a celebrity culture where people are saying, ‘I’m not really doing anything [to my face],’ or ‘I just look like this,’ that’s not transparency. And it doesn’t make the person that’s hearing that feel good about themselves or even think it’s attainable. I’m all for plastic surgery, but come on, let’s be honest about it!”

That thinking led to the launch of Lipstick on the Rim, a new podcast with Dear Media, where the model, author, and philanthropist talks about everything from “beauty, wellness, plastic surgery, nutrition, sex, and more” with her best friend of 17 years, Emese Gormley. “My mom was big into beauty and wellness and sharing what works, and my girlfriends and I do that too,” Sims tells Glamour. “We back each other, and I think as women, that’s really, really important.” 


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