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Starting a New Skincare Regime in 2019?

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Allow your skin time to transition to your new skincare protocol....

It can be beneficial for the skin to start a new regime, but can also bring some unexpected changes. The skin is the body’s largest organ and is continually changing and rejuvenating itself. Age, skin type, environment, and hormonal cycle are just a few factors that can impact how skin looks and responds to skincare products.

When switching skincare products, it’s important to know that the skin might experience an adjustment phase. Specifically, when transitioning to actives, botanicals, and vitamins such as Environ skincare and my own skincare line. It’s important to note that key ingredients, such Vitamin C, Vitamin A, stem cells, AHAs, and BHS contain antioxidants. These can help accelerate skin renewal and may occasionally lead to skin purging. For oily skin types, these ingredients can also cause potential flare ups, including breakouts. This period could last from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

To give the skin a chance to adjust to a new skincare regime, new products should be used for at least 45 days. The skin regenerates itself on average every 30–45 days, so it needs a chance to complete a cycle of skin renewal. Exfoliation can also help ease the skin through this process, as it helps to remove dead surface skin. Use my enzyme peel twice weekly, leave on for 8 minutes, then wash off.

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