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Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask
Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask

Beautecful GLO Lite Travel LED Mask

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The Glo Lite Travel LED Mask utilizes the principle of photo dynamics to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin condition by emitting LED light at specific wavelengths. This is a non-invasive, chemical-free, painless and safe skincare, at home, treatment. The LED light turns into intracellular energy after being absorbed by the skin thereby inducing a photochemical and enzymatic reaction. During the process glycogen and protein will rapidly be produced to increase cell metabolism and collagen regeneration thus helping to brighten skin, control blemishes, reduce dark spots and soften fine lines and wrinkles.

This mask uses LED light at three different wavelengths.

The main functions are as follows:

1. Red Light Wavelength of 610 - 650nm. A bioactive light that is highly pure, intense and has uniform density making it super effective for skin's health. Red light can increase cell vitality, accelerate blood circulation, boost cell metabolism and promote regeneration of collagen and elastin tissue. This also improves the appearance of skin firmness, dullness and helps prevent photo aging and oxidative stress.

2. Blue Light Wavelength of 440 - 480nm. This light targets the sebaceous glands and helps to shrink pores and absorb bacteria. When the skin is exposed to this high intensity light, oxygen molecules are created inside the sebaceous glands. The highly oxidative environment will kill Propionibacterium (P acnes) and thus improve and help the acne healing process.

3. Orange Light Wavelength of 600 - 610nm. This light can improve the alternating function of oxygen in skin cells, improve micro circulation, reduce pigmentation and promote cell growth for a smoother brighter looking skin.

For all skins types. Especially great for skin with fine lines + wrinkles, pigmentation, oily, acne, dulling skins.


Wear over clean skin. Select desired setting. Use for 10 - 15 minutes.

User-friendly: One step therapy with built-in timer makes the device convenient and easy for home use.

Comfortable: The Flexible silicone frame ensures a snug fit with built in extra protective goggles to ensure eye safety.

Easy Charging: You can charge the mask with a power pack, computer or USB port.

Customizable: Use with skin care products such as a serum, essence or mask to improve results.


"For a deep treatment and to speed up the results, use my Enzyme Peeling Mask as a first step then apply my C+- Ampoules to achieve a beautiful long-lasting glow. 10 minutes is the ideal amount of time, lay back and listen to your favorite podcast or music station while you immerse your skin in pure light."


Effective: A full face mask with 100 light bulbs provides a high density photo rejuvenation treatment area.

Versatile: Offers 3 LED light options and 4 treatment settings to address various skin conditions.

Safe: This non-invasive skin care treatment is chemical-free, painless, gentle and safe.