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The Best Skin Care Tools For Wrinkles, Clogged Pores, Dull Skin & More

There's a certain mystique associated with facial tools. They make you feel more skillful, as if you're a skin care professional of sorts, they seriously amp up the level of self-care, and of course, you feel like your routine is overall more efficacious. The best new skin care tools check every single one of those boxes, dishing out spa-level skin without having to step foot out of your home.

"I think that many of us miss our facialists or skin professionals as social distancing has forced us to forgo our favorite beauty appointments even after salons re-opened," Dr. Monika Konczalska, MD Board-certified dermatologist says. "Women are creating salon experiences for themselves at home. Now more than ever we are looking to create moments of relaxation and self-care rituals." She says that technology has gotten better at simulating the professional techniques and efficacy once only available in professional cosmetological procedures. "Even when the pandemic subsides, I believe women will be interested in at home devices to prolong the results of professional services and rely on in between them," she says. "There is also a burgeoning group of consumers drawn to natural alternatives to more invasive treatments such as injectables or surgery."


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