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Beauty Makers Are Left to Their Own Devices

As the lines between high-tech and high-fashion continue to blur, cosmetics companies are rolling out an array of beauty devices that make it easier than ever for a professional-looking look at home.

For example, Opté Precision Skincare's prints a foundation-concealer-serum concoction right on the face to hide age spots and blemishes. Procter & Gamble was so taken by the technology, that it took a 30% stake in Opté. Application is said to be so precise that users use less makeup than they would with manual application.

Consumer who have seen the light when it comes to LED-based skin care regimens may want to try Priori Adaptive Skincare’s Unveiled LED Mask. The mask uses two different wave frequencies of red light to address a plethora of inflammatory concerns, including acne, rosacea, fine lines and wrinkles.

Coronavirus has consumers shuning day spas, so Georgia Louise is bringing treatments to them. Her C+- Pure Ampoule Plus Ionic Wand combines L-ascorbic acid with glutathione to brighten skin. The galvanic currents in the ionic wand allow for deeper penetration of the actives, according to the direct-to-consumer company.


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