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‘Skin Icing’ - the new facial cryotherapy trend for when you’ve reached peak jade roller

Self-care is the current buzzword but what happens when you reach peak jade roller? Enter facial cryotherapy – also known as 'skin icing' - the cool new trend flooding TikTok and Reels.

A cursory glance at flat lays on Instagram reveals a love affair with the jade roller - both for massage and as an easy way of incorporating the best crystals for beginners into a daily routine. 

But in the background the equivalent of a facial roller 2.0 has been gaining traction: ice globes.  The idea of using ice, or even splashing your face with cold water, in the morning isn't exactly new.  But the latest generation of ice-based tools means it's an easier - and more relaxing - process to master at home.

But can we really freeze our faces into a brighter, tighter version of themselves?

Quite apart from taking your cheekbones to a whole new level, muscle stimulation, lymphatic drainage, immediate skin tightening and boosted circulation for a rosy glow are just a few of the benefits of skin icing.

Teresa Tarmey who relies on her own Cryo-Ball to smooth away 7am puff-face says: "The sub-zero temperatures and rolling sensation stimulates circulation, de-puffs and sculpts." 

Better still, the effects are almost immediate, according to Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, cosmetic surgeon and founder of 111 Skin:

"Cryotherapy used either on the body or face incites vasoconstriction – a reduction of the blood vessel size.”  This constriction and icy shock to the skin sends fresh blood to the area - and we all know that fresh blood also carries fresh oxygen and nutrients so that fresh-from-the-cold glow is more than just superficial. It also means that the best vitamin C serums you apply afterwards will sink in better and make more of a difference.

Georgia Louise frequently uses these tools over a sheet mask as part of her in-clinic procedures. She recommends first rolling from the inner areas of the face, outwards and then holding them over the eyes to drain away excess fluid.


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