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Do At-Home Lasers And Facial Skin Care Tools Really Work?

Nearly a year into the pandemic, our beauty routines have undergone a cataclysmic shift. As people shy away from elective cosmetic dermatology treatments and medi-spas, we’ve seen a boom in at-home devices claiming to deliver comparable results for a variety of skin concerns, from acne to visible signs of aging. But what are reasonable expectations for an at-home beauty device? That all depends on the clinical research behind the product — and these days, the bar is high.

“Consumers are getting smarter,” Rathi Srinivas, an MIT biotech engineer and one of the founders of Droplette, one of the buzziest beauty devices to hit the recent market, told HuffPost. “They want technology that holds up to claims as well as efficacy in engineering.”

Her Droplette co-founder, Madhavi Gavini, an MIT-trained therapeutics designer, agreed. “People want things that are painless and easy to use,” she said. “The adage that beauty requires pain is outdated.”

As people strive to replicate in-office or medi-spa treatments from their bathrooms, expect to see scientifically engineered products reshaping the market. But the question remains: Can at-home beauty deliver noticeable results? And with items costing up to thousands of dollars, are they worth your money?


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