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Charlotte Tilbury’s New Cryo Mask Makes Puffiness Disappear in Minutes

On a Zoom meeting with none other than glamazon Charlotte Tilbury, the celebrity makeup artist told beauty editors that the number-one searched nonmedical concern online is under-eye bags, with 42 percent of people saying their biggest health concern is lack of sleep. And what does a lack of sleep equal, in beauty terms? Dark circles, puffiness, dehydrated skin, and premature lines and wrinkles. All things Tilbury says she sees on the faces of her sleep-deprived clients when they sit down in her chair for the red-carpet treatment. And after years of painting these A-list faces, she knows what it takes to get the job done, and it’s finally making its way into the artist’s product lineup. Introducing Cryo-Recovery Face Mask ($40), which will make its big debut on August 26.

“The first thing Charlotte does when she comes to see me in New York or LA, or wherever I am, is lay down on my couch and ask me for ice,” says Georgia Louise, Tilbury’s facialist—Tilbury uses this same technique on her clients as well with frozen tools (and prior to that, chilled teaspoons).


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