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I’m a Celebrity Facialist, and I Spend $14,026 a Year on My Beauty Routine

There are a few names that come to mind when our complexions are in dire need of a reset, and Georgia Louise tops the list. The celebrity facialist once gave out facials for free—at age 12, in the bathrooms at school. To our lasting dismay, it's no longer quite so easy to see her; celebrities like Emma Stone and Cate Blanchett trust her implicitly to keep them glowing, and editors and models alike covet a slot at her clinic. Even if you didn't already know that, one glance at her glasslike complexion will convince you that you need to know the exact details of her routine. As you might guess, she's not interested in keeping things minimal. First step: countless treatments on deck, from bicoastal massages to monthly acupuncture.

At home, she invests in cutting-edge devices and adopts an approach to beauty that she describes as "a bridge between cosmeceutical and natural." This translates to curating a personal collection of 60 serums, but also to making time to unwind with Pilates and walking to work. The step she'll definitely never give up? Regular facials—whether she's testing them out at her clinic or starting her mornings off with a quick lymphatic drainage ritual. "I consider facials to be a necessity rather than a luxury," she says. We probably would too, if we had her magic touch.



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