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When it comes to red-carpet-ready skin, celebrities are known to go to the extreme. But Cate Blanchett just revealed what may be the strangest skin care treatment requested by Hollywood’s leading ladies: the “penis facial.” In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, Blanchett said that she and co-star Sandra Bullock first became fans of the facial while filming Ocean’s 8. “Sandy Bullock and I saw this facialist in New York, Georgia Louise, and she gives what we call the penis facial and it’s something–I don’t know what it is, or whether it’s just cause it smells a bit like sperm–there’s some enzyme in it so Sandy refers to it as the penis facial,” Blanchett told the publication.

Okay, truth is that though it may have a distinct smell, there is no sperm involved. According to Georgia Louise, the treatment in question is the “Hollywood EGF Facial,” and it uses a serum formulated with epidermal growth factors derived from the progenitor cells of the human fibroblast taken from Korean newborn baby foreskin. The controversial ingredient has been shown to stimulate skin cells for increased production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, elastin, and fibroblasts. “I am always very mindful to explain radical serums and potions that I carry in my back,” Louise said in a statement. “So, I always explain that EGF is derived from newborn baby foreskin, BUT cells were taken and from that, new cells are cloned from a laboratory.”

The facial also involves chemical peels, a micro-needling machine to help the peptides penetrate deeper, and an electrifying mask to calm the skin. The result? A smoother, brighter complexion. “I have text threads which would blow your mind from celebs, asking for the ‘penis treatment’ all the time now!” says Louise. If you want the A-list treatment, be prepared to spend a pretty $650 at Georgia Louise Atelier in NYC. Otherwise, there are plenty of EFG serums (like this one from BIOEFFECT) that you can use at home.

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