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With the winter season officially in full swing, simultaneously trying to achieve healthy and hydrated skin with an effortless makeup look can be the ultimate balancing act. Luckily, thanks to celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo, whose impressive clientele of supermodels and A-list actresses ranges from the Victoria's Secret Angels to Bella Hadidand Lily Collins, is here to explain how to achieve just that. From his detailed skincare techniques to his current beauty obsessions, here, Oquendo breaks down how to pull off the ultimate winter "no makeup" look.

How do you prep the skin before makeup?

For me, I'm a big fans of tools. Typically most people wake up sort of puffy, especially actors and models because they are constantly traveling, so you want to increase circulation in your skin, and bring the blood to the surface level of your skin because it will give your skin a bit more life. [Facialist] Georgia Louise makes a couple of tools that give you a facial massage; one is this pink quartz Lift + Scuplt Butterfly Stone that you can keep in the refrigerator. The curves of it fit the curve of your face, so you use it under your cheekbone and jawline and it promotes lymphatic drainage which then is going to sculpt your skin and bring the blood level to the surface of skin. I find, as well, that whenever I use foundation after that or skincare, it tends to glide on a little easier. It's kind of like a morning stretch for your skin. Usually in terms of skincare, I'll use Dr. Barbara Sturm's Hyaluronic Serum. It works for any skin type because it's hyaluronic acid, and it just gives the skin that subtle glow underneath the makeup. After, you layer any moisturizer you want over it. I love Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream just because it's a basic moisturizing cream and it doesn't make the skin too greasy before makeup.

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