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The Best Facials in NYC for the Ultimate Bridal Glow

"When celebs like Cate Blanchette, Sandra Bullock, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence need to give their skin some love, they run straight into the arms of British skin guru, Georgia Louise. Her Upper East Side atelier looks like a Gossip Girl–style penthouse (I seriously said to her, 'I want to live in that bathroom.'), complete with products from skincare heavy hitters like Dr. Barbara Sturm, Elemis, Biologique Recherche, and her own namesake line adorning the walls. It's an uptown girl's dream, and the perfect place to get wedding-ready (also a great spot for the mother of the bride to get pampered for some mother-daughter beauty bonding). Now, let's get to the facial itself. After my skin assessment (again, hydration), the process began with a contouring face and décolletage massage, a three-step cleanse, and a lactic acid peel. Then came a series of machines that I can't gush enough about. First, instead of dreaded extractions, she used a combo of water and high intensity sound waves to blast all the gunk out of my pores—like a tiny pressure wash for your epidermis. Next up: a major dose of red LED light, plus galvanic current—a low-level electrical current that stimulates skin cells (whereas micro-current targets the muscles beneath) and allowed the personalized concoction of Biologique Recherche serums to penetrate my skin even more deeply. And last but not least, and perhaps my favorite facial moment to date: the oxygen bubble. My entire head and chest was under a clear, space helmet dome (I am prone to claustrophobia and this was totally fine) that held in a concentrated stream of oxygen. All the while, my face was being smoothed by a combo of Georgia's Aqua Sheet mask and her GloPulse Ion Enhancer device (which you can buy and use at home if you want to re-up your glow). It's sort of like a Walkman-style headset (if a Walkman were rose gold) that sits on your cheeks and turbocharges the sheet mask with galvanic currents. I walked out feeling plump, hydrated, and allaround expensive—just call me Serena van der Woodsen from now on, thanks." —Aviel Kanter, senior digital editor


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