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Skin Goals 2018!

Posted by Georgia Louise Admin on

Here are 10 goals below to help you get started or to come back to anytime throughout the year- not just in January.

  1. Care and protect back of hands
  2. Drink more water
  3. Treat the skin on my body like I treat the skin on my face
  4. Consistent usage of NuFace and/or Dermarolling 
  5. More masking at home
  6. Regular facials 
  7. Finding the appropriate AM and PM skincare routine 
  8. Focusing on pigmentation and evening out the skintone
  9. More at home facial massage to lift and sculpt
  10. Getting to know what my skin really needs throughout the different seasons

And one more bit for good measure- Not sleeping in make-up. Nourish the skin at night and add in a new serum or two! 

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